Saturday, December 29, 2012

*** UPDATE***fret not, My child ..

somehow, i've lost my phone .. it's a smallish black HTC Legend with a yellow tag stuck on the back cover with my name & contact details .. last place i had it was in my hand looking at the flood marker @ the park we had a thanksgiving afternoon tea party in .. pretty sure i put it back in my pocket :S but it wasn't on me after i nearly got home & was talking to our new neighbors & wanted to use it! .. thank you God, it's Your phone .. sorry i'm such a poor steward :|  help me relax in Your sovereign control!!
 hooray for Papa~!!! :D .. returned home from watching "more 4 me" see -- highly recommended!! with my dad pleasantly surprising me with the news my phone was returned :D
He cares even for "silly little" things like mobile phones =) 

Friday, December 28, 2012

pray for Kim & Lisa

had my haircut by Kim  yesterday .. got chatting & she'd evidently been through deep grief but seemed to be working so much to distract her from having to deal with it .. :( 
after i paid her i gave her Isaiah 43:4 .. she seemed so happy & delighted that she tapped her boss & i told it to her again. :D

then i got my eyes tested, hoping to use up my remaining private health insurance funds before years' end .. but all the options would've put me out of pocket for a 4th pair of glasses i didn't really need. :P
anyhow got chatting to the optometrist, Lisa, ending off by giving her Isaiah 43:4 too. it's such a blessing to speak His Word to peoples' spirits!! don't know why i don't do it more .. 
may Good Shepherd Jesus seek & save Kim & Lisa's souls, showing them how precious they are to Him, how He honors therm & loves them!

praise and pray for ignite conference!

"PRAYER - living on our knees" is the theme this year

 :D the blessing of living in a land with so much great teaching from the bible!

* we not only be hearers of The Word only, but doers!

* use the teaching, training, fellowship & the Gospel For Asia table of materials I’m manning at the week long Training conference to encourage, inspire, challenge & mobilise His children to gladly pour their lives out for The One who alone is worthy of our lives & "live on our knees"!

* empower us to faithfully [and fruitfully!] apply the much we'll be given to see increase for His Kingdom glory!
* in future events, bring others from my church [new heart baptist] so i'm not the only one representing our awesome church as i have been for the past few years!!
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

rejoice with me & pray for me~!!

Dear princes & princesses, sons & daughters of noble identity & royal destiny!!

Happy Jesus’ birthday~! ;) may every day He gives us life be a joyful celebration of our King & Big brother who came down to seek & save us & win us back into Papa’s love when we were at our worst & most ‘unlovable’!!!

I look back over 2012 to see the awesome faithfulness of PapaGod … Truly incredible every single time I think about it!
Looking ahead into 2013, I’m sure we can rest confident in His loving faithfulness to carry us through every valley & mountain as we journey on through life to our Heavenly Home, living to bring Heaven to earth!  :)

:D rejoice with me! :D

:D another year of growing me in intimacy with Him!

:D He has truly stayed faithful to His promise that if I “delight myself in Him, He will give me the desires of my heart”! (Psalms 37:4)

:D continuing His work of healing me & freeing me to be more alive than I’d ever thought possible!

.. I remember this picture He gave me at the beginning of the year that painted something of what this year was going to be for me . . .

<--Though it feels like I’m still in the initial phase where things get uglier before beauty bursts to life, and I’m tempted to get impatient with God’s timing of the whole process, I’m reminded that He does make all things beautiful in His time =)

:D the great time I had in Sydney at the calling intensive + time to recover from it & process it all!

:D helping me get more settled in the awesome, loving, healing family that is new heart Baptist church!

:D encouraging fruit from a recent presentation on Gospel For Asia at my home group!

Some lines that stood out from the calling intensive:

“you’re too important to just disappear / disengage from the world” [batman begins]

 “"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

“I don’t want fear of what could happen to keep me from living!” [riding giants]
 - sadly, this hasn’t been the case in much of my life =(

.. too often I let fear of the unknown keep me from venturing out & simply living! :|

The reason he could ride the big waves he did was because of the team behind him – our calling is personal but never private! We need partners to drive us to that place!
.. I recognise how much I need people to develop me to the level I need to be living in, and sadly I’ve tried to go too much of this journey on my own. :(

* bring 100x increase from all the labouring in the harvest Gospel For Asia does among those who still wait to hear Jesus’ Name! [order the free book if you haven’t read it yet! .. link at bottom]

* I’d stop wasting life always waiting for others to take initiative and simply make the 1st move to do to them what I’d want done to me!

* I’d live each moment to its fullest, refusing to be ruled by fear!

* help me connect to the right people to develop me to the level I need to be living in, and stop doing so much of this journey alone! 

* help me stay in the process of God, letting each day be part of a larger process, relaxing in what is & hoping for what’s yet to be and be at peace as His work in me unfolds

* Help me to live out of my heart rather than letting my fearful, rationalistic, doubting mind interfere& dominate!!

* open doors, guidance & wisdom to revisit the hospital I.C.U. & the ward I stayed in leading up to / following the anniversary of my brain injury . . . ??!!

* Help me learn to follow Him in the simplest choices of daily life!

* I’d make time to sit with Him to hear His heart and opinion about situations I face, and not assume he agrees with my views!

* Help me understand His heart for me and His heart for the person next to me!!

* Help me to fear Him & do what He says!

~thank you~!

Please tell me how I can best support you before His throne of Grace too OK!
owing everything to God’s grace, Able :)


my prayer blog, please visit, pray & leave a comment~!
owing everything to God’s grace, Able :)

 “no one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once”
– Oswald J Smith
Nearly 3 BILLION souls are WAITING to hear the gospel.
Could a mariner sit idle if he heard the drowning cry?
Could a doctor sit in comfort and let his patients die?
Could a fireman sit idle, let men burn and give no hand?
Could you sit in ease in Zion with the world around you damned? --Leonard

***UPDATE*** pray for Yoshi [JAP]

thank Papa for a good day out with Yoshi yesterday :)
though tiring, the time was & always is, precious =)
.. learning to relax more in His doing than trying to make things happen myself. :D
.. although i do think i missed an opportunity to pray for the healing of his past trauma  :("

* heal him from the trauma of the past & bring him into His healing, saving  love!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear diary 19-12-12 – revisiting trauma of neglect from my dad

[writing the day after the event] I didn’t want to start today processing the trauma of yesterday, as each new day really is best lived as a fresh new day, not carrying over the burdens of yesterday, right? However, it’s also best not to leave emotional wounds open & festering, unprocessed & undealt with. I was simply too tired to process it properly yesterday, even though I weakly tried whilst attempting to fall asleep…

. .. 
O Papa, help me keep perspective! You know how easily I would tend to take this one incident, compounding it with other similar incidents in my life & blow it out of proportion that all such episodes define the sum total of my life .. i.e. that I am an accident waiting to happen .. I am stupid. Period. I never learn. Such powerful ‘I’ statements, each one deeply wounding a spirit that is still in the process of recovering from past trauma.

* Abba God, I want Your thoughts & feelings toward me to define me. Keep me tined into Your joyful love song of delight You sing over me every moment I live & breathe as You delight in this son You’ve been leased to make Your own, knowing that none of my

* Abba God, please, please help me stay in this process of Yours, letting each day be part of a larger process, relaxing in what is & hoping for what’s yet to be and being at peace as Yours work in me unfolds!

. . . anyone who wants to read the full story drop me an email

pray for Yoshi

meeting Yoshi asking to meet tomorrow...

value your prayers for Jesus to breakthrough!! to him!!

+ I'd faithfully represent The king of Love to Yoshi ..

O God of wonders, do the miracle only You can do of bringing his dead spirit to life + light!!

~thanks~! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear diary 18-12-12 another cup today..

*sigh* broke another cup today .. felt like it’s such a visual portrayal of my life .. how can I hold anything of worth when I keep falling & getting shattered, the contents of my life spilling out into a wild mess?!  And why do I tend to treat such isolated incidents as a summary of my whole life?!
If that isn’t a gross lack of perspective, I don’t know what is!
Papa, help me keep proper perspective on life Your perspective!
.. That despite the broken mess that I often make of my life, You are making something beautiful out of the brokenness, a glory that far outweighs the magnitude of my sin! .. indeed, the life that spilt out of the worst broken mess made of Your Son held the greatest worth & gave life to many, fully achieving the plan You had since the original mess Adam & Eve made, to have a family for Yourself!
O Jesus, the glory of Your blood that made the New Covenant possible!
Thank You Jesus, yet again, the answers are all found in looking to You :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

pray for Yoshi [JAP]

got a call just before from Yoshi asking to meet tomorrow... 
value your prayers for Jesus to breakthrough!! to him!! 
+ I'd faithfully represent The king of Love to Yoshi  .. 
 O God of wonders, do the miracle only You can do of bringing his dead spirit to life + light!!

~thanks~! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

pray for Aisha, Risha & Mul [AFGH]

- just met these lost 3 women on the way to get my cashout bonus .. a welcome detour [?! ;)]
 .. they couldnt find their way back home so iwalked them there . .. ;)
passed on a little note i wrote with Isaiah 43:4 in the NLT + a link to to her .. invited them to the carols service this Sunday night ... it'd be a true miracle if they got there, they dont have transport i guess? they didn't ask for my number ... should i have been more proactive in asking for their contact?
pray anyhow pray Papa will connect them to those who'll lead therm to The Light of the world who came down at CHRISTmas!

pray for carols service This Sun [16/12]

I'm singing in a barbershop quartet this Sunday night for our carols service :)
one of the only prophetic words i remember my dad speaking over me whilst recovering in hospital when i still wouldn't talk was,
"soon he'll be singing bass again"
.. and here I am!! :)

pray for the night & those who come .. my CHRIST be celebrated in those who know Him, and may those who don't know Him intimately be drawn into the joyous celebration when Love down that first
CHRISTmas 2000 years ago!
I have invited my Taiwanese neighbor who lives own the road -- don't think he knows Jesus yet. 

Friday, December 07, 2012

pray for Yoshi [JAP]

pray for refugees & Christmas

:D it truly is a privilege to welcome, love & serve these refugees! it was the last class for 
the year and we talked about Christmas. 
i was on the table with Robin, Benedict & Inpan [Robin & Benedict were catholics, Inpan was hindu]
.. they all said they'd be going to a Christmas service on Christmas :) 
* even though they'll be going to English-speaking churches, hat HolySpirit will break through & give them the gift of interpreting our strange tongue, and give them the revelation of The Saviour of all nations!
* bring all these refugees to find Jesus as their Trre & Lasting refuge for their souls!!

.. after some time i just had nothing to say / ask .. felt really awkward .. reminded me of what a poor conversationalist i can be, and how much I've often felt like the 'square peg in a round hole' in this ministry 
... actually very good as i continue to reflect on the calling intensive course i did a few weeks ago! ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

pray for Ebony [AUS]

found a coupon for a $5 mens' haircut at the local hairdressing college in the local paper & couldn't resist ;)
Ebony was my barber ... we ended up so engaged in conversation the actual haircut 
[which would probably be a 20 minute do]  turned out to be over an hour!  found out many interesting things about her .. she has a grandma strong in the Faith, but is quite turned off by religious extremists he's seen .. been exposed to the kingdom of darkness .. 
in the end i gave her a small note with Isaiah 43:4 [NLT] & a link to
.. she hugged me ;D
pray she be won into His love, a glorious relationship with The Lover of her body, soul & spirit, that her creative spirit would thrive & flourish in the soil of His deep, rich love for her!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

rejoice with me & pray for me!

Dear princes & princesses, sons & daughters of noble identity & royal destiny!!

I’m sending this on the 14 hours before departing for Sydney until next Monday .. (going to Ellel ministries’ intensive course on Calling)

:D rejoice with me! :D

:D the joy of living in good health after my 3rd bout of the flu this year [!!!] + the precious revelations He brought from that.

:D He's more excited & eager or us to enter into His calling on our lives than we'll ever be!! 

:D awesome ministries like Ellel & noble heart to help us on this journey to find His calling on our lives!
 .. for more info see:

:D for the awesome provision, few quality conversations, and wild blasts of fun I had at the men’s’ camp!


...  I sense HolySpirit nudging me to step out of my comfort zone and really go further than I’ve ever gone in talking to people & loving them, practicing the gift of prophecy [hearing Him & speaking that] on those He brings across my path .. I’ve been maintaining a guilty silence of ‘selective obedience’ the last  too many times :[ .. please pray!! 
* He gets me over myself!!

* we'd receive all He wants for us & fully enter into His calling on our lives!

* we'd come back & live lives to the very fullest for all  He wants for us!

* He’d rekindle the 1st love in my heart … & help me learn what to seek Him with all  my heart!!

* rescue me from my foolishly independent pursuits of “what seems good at the time” so I’d wait on Him for His directions to pursue His best!

* connect me to the right people in the right place in the right time, so our light be magnified to shine into the world!

* I’d battle by focusing on Him, preparing for attack by waiting on Him!

* help me pay attention to Him, stop focusing on problems & trust in Him ~!!

* I’d Live to be forgotten, so that Christ might be remembered.”

* I’d daily decide to feed & nurture my spirit & let it come fully to life as He made it to!

* help me to live as fully human as Jesus was!

~thank you~!

Please tell me how I can best support you before His throne of Grace too OK!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear diary 13-7-12 -- The joy of riding with Jesus! + 17/11/12

Dear diary 13-7-12 -- The joy of riding with Jesus!
.. It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile!
I’ve long since forgotten the thrill of riding on a motorbike – the last time I did was a young teen in Malaysia ..

Though it seemed like a crazy thing to do given my past record of falls, I totally, totally enjoyed it!!!

It also turned out to be a spiritual analogy of sorts .. :D

The driver briefed me beforehand on passenger safety - I would only feel unsafe if I distanced myself from the driver, so as I sat up close to the driver, I was safe. I lean as He leans. I turn as He turns. 
So long as I trust Him, I’m ok :) .. He knows where we’re going, and how to best get there at the best speed. :) .. but every moment I separated myself from Him or was out of synch with Him, it not only made it hard for Him to drive safely, it put my life at risk too .. how true that is of our journey with The Good Shepherd!

WOW, the beauty of speeding along in the open air is really something else!!
All the while being extremely vulnerable to a terrible road accident, knowing Jesus & His angels were with me transformed the ride from sheer terror to pure joy!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
+ 17/11/12 – went ‘tubing’ on a lake for the first time in my life!
Looks crazy right?!
Again, I had thoughts of holding back given my past history of being accident prone .. but Papa has been doing a lot of deep inner healing work in me to break me out of being under the control of such false labels.

I have often felt that the ‘need’ to “be careful” must come first before doing anything, and any slight possible chance of anything going wrong would put me off from venturing out because of my excessively pessimistic mind that would imagine anything possible going wrong to happen – especially to me.
So you can imagine I didn’t have a lot of fun since choosing to come under the power of false labels such as  “I’m accident prone” “I’m an accident waiting to happen”
It was an awesomely fabulous experience to be freed... to have fun!!
Riding the water at high speed in a big rubber tube was totally fun!! I was hooked right from the start & went back on 3x that day – twice on my back, the final time on my belly – during which I wiped out … that was pretty crazy!

.. silly me didn’t know that all I had to do with the life jacket I was wearing was lie back on the water & it’d keep me afloat, so I tried in futility to swim to the shore. Thankfully, being around such a loving family in Jesus, they stopped and drove the boat around to pull me up and teach me how to float! :P
Again, more spiritual analogies flooded into my spirit from the experience :)

I sure was grateful that when I couldn’t save myself in the middle of the big lake, my brothers in Jesus came to rescue me and teach me that all I needed to stay afloat in the water was, quite literally, to relax  – just lie on my back and my life jacket would do the rest!

Isn’t it just like that with the saving work Jesus has already done for us? We could never save ourselves from drowning in the lake of God’s fury, and yet because of Jesus’ death & resurrection for us and as us, all we need now is restrelax on His finished work and give up our silly useless efforts at saving ourselves! What an awesome picture of faith – resting the full weight of my confidence in His grace to keep me & hold me :D

Unfortunately, since my body wasn’t used to such jarring fun, I woke up quite sore in a way I’d never known before! So back to rest & recover some more. 
I’m so grateful for how fun nurtures our spirit & brings it alive! May I not neglect this vital way of caring for & feeding my spirit ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

pray for Calling intensive [22-25/11]

on the 21-26th I'll be away in Sydney for an intensive course with Ellel ministries on ‘calling’. 

would treasure your prayers for us! 
rejoice :D 
:D He's more excited & eager or us to enter into His calling on our lives than we'll ever be!! 

:D awesome ministries like Ellel & noble heart to help us on this journey!
 .. more info see:
* we'd receive all He wants for us & fully enter into His calling on our lives!

* we'd come back & live lives to the very fullest for all  He wants for us!

Monday, November 12, 2012

pray for men's camp [this weekend 16-18/11]

this will be my 1st ever mens' camp with my awesome church family from New Heart Baptist church [what an AWESOME name change!! ;D]  .. looking forward to it, but a little unsure what to expect .. desperately desiring quality connection, but i won't get my hopes up .. 

pray for: 
* the speakers and their health 
* protection on the road.
 * lots of quality interactions throughout, that we’ll be like iron sharpening iron!
quality interactions = be trusting each other to be vulnerable enough to really open up our lives to each other & share at the most significant levels, pouring life into each other & combining strengths to support our individual weakness! 
.. which is sadly all too rare in today's society! :(
* we'd encourage each other to 'step up to the plate' and be men in every sphere of our lives - life *givers* and not life-takers/ destroyers of life!

may Papa restore the gates & rebuild the walls that've been burnt down/destroyed in our lives, that we may be His glorious image bearers once again!!