Wednesday, November 21, 2012

rejoice with me & pray for me!

Dear princes & princesses, sons & daughters of noble identity & royal destiny!!

I’m sending this on the 14 hours before departing for Sydney until next Monday .. (going to Ellel ministries’ intensive course on Calling)

:D rejoice with me! :D

:D the joy of living in good health after my 3rd bout of the flu this year [!!!] + the precious revelations He brought from that.

:D He's more excited & eager or us to enter into His calling on our lives than we'll ever be!! 

:D awesome ministries like Ellel & noble heart to help us on this journey to find His calling on our lives!
 .. for more info see:

:D for the awesome provision, few quality conversations, and wild blasts of fun I had at the men’s’ camp!


...  I sense HolySpirit nudging me to step out of my comfort zone and really go further than I’ve ever gone in talking to people & loving them, practicing the gift of prophecy [hearing Him & speaking that] on those He brings across my path .. I’ve been maintaining a guilty silence of ‘selective obedience’ the last  too many times :[ .. please pray!! 
* He gets me over myself!!

* we'd receive all He wants for us & fully enter into His calling on our lives!

* we'd come back & live lives to the very fullest for all  He wants for us!

* He’d rekindle the 1st love in my heart … & help me learn what to seek Him with all  my heart!!

* rescue me from my foolishly independent pursuits of “what seems good at the time” so I’d wait on Him for His directions to pursue His best!

* connect me to the right people in the right place in the right time, so our light be magnified to shine into the world!

* I’d battle by focusing on Him, preparing for attack by waiting on Him!

* help me pay attention to Him, stop focusing on problems & trust in Him ~!!

* I’d Live to be forgotten, so that Christ might be remembered.”

* I’d daily decide to feed & nurture my spirit & let it come fully to life as He made it to!

* help me to live as fully human as Jesus was!

~thank you~!

Please tell me how I can best support you before His throne of Grace too OK!

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