Thursday, November 29, 2012

pray for Ebony [AUS]

found a coupon for a $5 mens' haircut at the local hairdressing college in the local paper & couldn't resist ;)
Ebony was my barber ... we ended up so engaged in conversation the actual haircut 
[which would probably be a 20 minute do]  turned out to be over an hour!  found out many interesting things about her .. she has a grandma strong in the Faith, but is quite turned off by religious extremists he's seen .. been exposed to the kingdom of darkness .. 
in the end i gave her a small note with Isaiah 43:4 [NLT] & a link to
.. she hugged me ;D
pray she be won into His love, a glorious relationship with The Lover of her body, soul & spirit, that her creative spirit would thrive & flourish in the soil of His deep, rich love for her!!


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