Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear diary 13-7-12 -- The joy of riding with Jesus! + 17/11/12

Dear diary 13-7-12 -- The joy of riding with Jesus!
.. It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile!
I’ve long since forgotten the thrill of riding on a motorbike – the last time I did was a young teen in Malaysia ..

Though it seemed like a crazy thing to do given my past record of falls, I totally, totally enjoyed it!!!

It also turned out to be a spiritual analogy of sorts .. :D

The driver briefed me beforehand on passenger safety - I would only feel unsafe if I distanced myself from the driver, so as I sat up close to the driver, I was safe. I lean as He leans. I turn as He turns. 
So long as I trust Him, I’m ok :) .. He knows where we’re going, and how to best get there at the best speed. :) .. but every moment I separated myself from Him or was out of synch with Him, it not only made it hard for Him to drive safely, it put my life at risk too .. how true that is of our journey with The Good Shepherd!

WOW, the beauty of speeding along in the open air is really something else!!
All the while being extremely vulnerable to a terrible road accident, knowing Jesus & His angels were with me transformed the ride from sheer terror to pure joy!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
+ 17/11/12 – went ‘tubing’ on a lake for the first time in my life!
Looks crazy right?!
Again, I had thoughts of holding back given my past history of being accident prone .. but Papa has been doing a lot of deep inner healing work in me to break me out of being under the control of such false labels.

I have often felt that the ‘need’ to “be careful” must come first before doing anything, and any slight possible chance of anything going wrong would put me off from venturing out because of my excessively pessimistic mind that would imagine anything possible going wrong to happen – especially to me.
So you can imagine I didn’t have a lot of fun since choosing to come under the power of false labels such as  “I’m accident prone” “I’m an accident waiting to happen”
It was an awesomely fabulous experience to be freed... to have fun!!
Riding the water at high speed in a big rubber tube was totally fun!! I was hooked right from the start & went back on 3x that day – twice on my back, the final time on my belly – during which I wiped out … that was pretty crazy!

.. silly me didn’t know that all I had to do with the life jacket I was wearing was lie back on the water & it’d keep me afloat, so I tried in futility to swim to the shore. Thankfully, being around such a loving family in Jesus, they stopped and drove the boat around to pull me up and teach me how to float! :P
Again, more spiritual analogies flooded into my spirit from the experience :)

I sure was grateful that when I couldn’t save myself in the middle of the big lake, my brothers in Jesus came to rescue me and teach me that all I needed to stay afloat in the water was, quite literally, to relax  – just lie on my back and my life jacket would do the rest!

Isn’t it just like that with the saving work Jesus has already done for us? We could never save ourselves from drowning in the lake of God’s fury, and yet because of Jesus’ death & resurrection for us and as us, all we need now is restrelax on His finished work and give up our silly useless efforts at saving ourselves! What an awesome picture of faith – resting the full weight of my confidence in His grace to keep me & hold me :D

Unfortunately, since my body wasn’t used to such jarring fun, I woke up quite sore in a way I’d never known before! So back to rest & recover some more. 
I’m so grateful for how fun nurtures our spirit & brings it alive! May I not neglect this vital way of caring for & feeding my spirit ;)

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