Friday, December 07, 2012

pray for refugees & Christmas

:D it truly is a privilege to welcome, love & serve these refugees! it was the last class for 
the year and we talked about Christmas. 
i was on the table with Robin, Benedict & Inpan [Robin & Benedict were catholics, Inpan was hindu]
.. they all said they'd be going to a Christmas service on Christmas :) 
* even though they'll be going to English-speaking churches, hat HolySpirit will break through & give them the gift of interpreting our strange tongue, and give them the revelation of The Saviour of all nations!
* bring all these refugees to find Jesus as their Trre & Lasting refuge for their souls!!

.. after some time i just had nothing to say / ask .. felt really awkward .. reminded me of what a poor conversationalist i can be, and how much I've often felt like the 'square peg in a round hole' in this ministry 
... actually very good as i continue to reflect on the calling intensive course i did a few weeks ago! ;)

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