Friday, December 28, 2012

praise and pray for ignite conference!

"PRAYER - living on our knees" is the theme this year

 :D the blessing of living in a land with so much great teaching from the bible!

* we not only be hearers of The Word only, but doers!

* use the teaching, training, fellowship & the Gospel For Asia table of materials I’m manning at the week long Training conference to encourage, inspire, challenge & mobilise His children to gladly pour their lives out for The One who alone is worthy of our lives & "live on our knees"!

* empower us to faithfully [and fruitfully!] apply the much we'll be given to see increase for His Kingdom glory!
* in future events, bring others from my church [new heart baptist] so i'm not the only one representing our awesome church as i have been for the past few years!!
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