Saturday, December 29, 2012

*** UPDATE***fret not, My child ..

somehow, i've lost my phone .. it's a smallish black HTC Legend with a yellow tag stuck on the back cover with my name & contact details .. last place i had it was in my hand looking at the flood marker @ the park we had a thanksgiving afternoon tea party in .. pretty sure i put it back in my pocket :S but it wasn't on me after i nearly got home & was talking to our new neighbors & wanted to use it! .. thank you God, it's Your phone .. sorry i'm such a poor steward :|  help me relax in Your sovereign control!!
 hooray for Papa~!!! :D .. returned home from watching "more 4 me" see -- highly recommended!! with my dad pleasantly surprising me with the news my phone was returned :D
He cares even for "silly little" things like mobile phones =) 

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