Friday, December 28, 2012

pray for Kim & Lisa

had my haircut by Kim  yesterday .. got chatting & she'd evidently been through deep grief but seemed to be working so much to distract her from having to deal with it .. :( 
after i paid her i gave her Isaiah 43:4 .. she seemed so happy & delighted that she tapped her boss & i told it to her again. :D

then i got my eyes tested, hoping to use up my remaining private health insurance funds before years' end .. but all the options would've put me out of pocket for a 4th pair of glasses i didn't really need. :P
anyhow got chatting to the optometrist, Lisa, ending off by giving her Isaiah 43:4 too. it's such a blessing to speak His Word to peoples' spirits!! don't know why i don't do it more .. 
may Good Shepherd Jesus seek & save Kim & Lisa's souls, showing them how precious they are to Him, how He honors therm & loves them!

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