Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear diary 18-12-12 another cup today..

*sigh* broke another cup today .. felt like it’s such a visual portrayal of my life .. how can I hold anything of worth when I keep falling & getting shattered, the contents of my life spilling out into a wild mess?!  And why do I tend to treat such isolated incidents as a summary of my whole life?!
If that isn’t a gross lack of perspective, I don’t know what is!
Papa, help me keep proper perspective on life Your perspective!
.. That despite the broken mess that I often make of my life, You are making something beautiful out of the brokenness, a glory that far outweighs the magnitude of my sin! .. indeed, the life that spilt out of the worst broken mess made of Your Son held the greatest worth & gave life to many, fully achieving the plan You had since the original mess Adam & Eve made, to have a family for Yourself!
O Jesus, the glory of Your blood that made the New Covenant possible!
Thank You Jesus, yet again, the answers are all found in looking to You :D

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